Denominación de Origen

Rías Baixas

Nota de Cata

It is a bright, straw-yellow colour wine with golden shades, resulting from the ageing process. Intensely aromatic and with very high quality aromas. Notes of ripe fruits stand out, such as medlar and tangerine, as well as more complex nuances, such as garrigue vegetation, bay and chars accompanied by hints of toffee and toasty aromas. The complexity of this wine is intensified on the palate, where it is silky, full-bodied and fresh at the same time.


It pairs perfectly with white fish, especially when roasted in the oven, and fatty fish. It pairs very well with lamprey and meats with mild sauces. Exquisite with boiled or griddled seafood, smoked food and cured or semi-cured cheeses.


Year of fundation:: 2002
Wineyards:: 16 hectares of own vineyards planted in solis with a mis of washed gravel and decomposed granite
Altitude:: 600 m
Average production:: 6.000 kg_/ha
Average annual production:: 239.000 bottles
Age of the vineyard:: An average age of 25
Average rainfall:: Much lower then the region´s average
Ageing:: 600 and 225 litre French oak barrels with subtle chars.