Micro-plots of land at the bank of river Miño

Viña Nora covers a surface area of 16 hectares of own vineyards planted in soils with a mix of washed gravel and decomposed granite. These soils with cobbles act as natural radiators regulating the day’s heat, avoiding an excessive humidity during the night and favouring a better maturation. The bodega also supervises the output of a hundred, or so, small winegrowers who are spread throughout Condado do Tea, Val do Salnés and Ribeira do Ulla.

The vineyards at Nora have an average age of 25 and they are located on the natural terraces of the cliffs that are looking out on River Miño. This unpredictable orography requires a manual harvest of each harvest and vintage.

The vines grow on the typical trellised vines with granite posts so characteristic of the region of Rias Baixas. These trellised vines are taken to a height of two meters with the aim of separating the grape from the soil’s humidity as well as protecting it from fungal diseases. They also favour a complete maturity of the grapes as they are exposed to further sunshine.