Nora da Neve launches the 2014 vintage dressed up with a refreshed image

Bodegas Viña Nora presents a new vintage of its Nora da Neve Albariño with a totally refreshed image that accompanies the sophisticated and elegant nature of this wine. Fermented and aged for 6 months in French oak barrels, Nora de Neve expresses this Galician variety’s entire subtleness while adding a complexity and strength that make it one of the jewels in the Rias Baixas Denomination of Origin.

The aim of this new image is to suggest and enhance even further what is inside the bottle, a smooth and delicate wine; however, at the same time it is attractively complex.

“Nora da Neve is a wine to be enjoyed while sitting down and relaxing”, affirms Eulogio Calleja, Head oenologist of the Avanteselecta Group, to which Bodegas Viña Nora belongs. The grapes used for making Nora da Neve are grown on land with a very atypical soil composition for the area that favours the fruit’s optimum maturation. These vineyards transmit to this wine all the peculiarities of a very special terroir, reflecting the Galician landscape.

This wine’s complex aroma with peach, apricot and camomile nuances, combined with touches of toffee and char, create a sensation of harmony that persists and invites us to drink it. The tactile sensations experienced when taking the first sip is smooth and silky, and it has a body and structure that fills the mouth with a great unctuosity. An experience of its own, a real pleasure to be enjoyed slowly and in good company, letting oneself getting carried away by the visual stimulus generated by the lines on the label, which combine forming a shape that takes us to the Atlantic origin of this wine and that does not shy away from its inland, high-altitude origins in the Rias Baixas: Condado do Tea.

Precisely, being located in such a special place of the D.O. Rias Baixas allows Bodegas Viña Nora making Albariños with a strong character. These are wines made from grapes that reach a perfect maturation thanks to the soils with cobbles that retain the heat during the night and release it during the day and to the amount of rain throughout the year being lower than in the rest of the area. All this helps us extract all the potential of the Albariño variety and the terroir’s expression.

Viña Nora is located on a natural terraced land over River Miño, in the municipality of As Neves, Pontevedra, practically at the border with Portugal. The bodega’s building is surrounded by the typical trellis system of the Albariño variety, which travels downwards towards the river, facing the midday sun.