Wines that transmit a landscape

The winery is equipped with the best technology to make white wines and it has been put at the service of Viña Nora’s ultimate objective, which is to make wines that are true to the land and the Albariño variety. The winery has small containers where a microvinification is carried out and by means of which each of the plots of land can be individually monitored.

The personality of the wines made at this bodega is marked by the monitoring of the vineyards and the grape’s appropriate maturation.

The harvest is always carried out manually using 16-kg boxes, and the grape, after cooling in the chamber at 4 degrees, enters the winery through the selection table. All the pressing, clearing and fermentation processes are very meticulous, with the aim of maintaining the subtle aromas and fragility of the Albariño variety.

Precisely, with this aim of maintaining all the characteristics of the Albariño variety, only neutral yeasts are used. These yeasts contribute to the obtainment of wines that are profoundly varietal and capable of expressing all the peculiarities of a unique region within Rias Baixas due to the characteristics of the climate and soil.